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Why You Should Not Neglect Your Zodiac Sign And Element If You Must Be Successful In Life

Why You Should Not Neglect Your Zodiac Sign And Element If You Must Be Successful In Life

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According to Oxford Dictionary, a Zodiac Sign is the imaginary area in the sky in which the sun, moon and planets appear to lie. And which has been divided into twelve equal parts each with a special name and symbol.

Some people believe that these Zodiac Signs can be used to predict how the planets will influence our lives.

Element on the other hand is defined by Oxford Dictionary as one of the four substances [Earth, Air, Fire and Water] which people believe that everything was made of either of them.

However, every Zodiac Signs has either Earth, Water, Fire or Air as its Element. Therefore the twelve Zodiac Signs share the four Elements.

Before we continue, it is important that we have a look on what Zodiac signs and Elements look like when put together.

Zodiac sign and element
Every Zodiac Signs has either Earth, Water, Fire or Air as its Element. Therefore the twelve Zodiac Signs share the four Elements.

From the above picture, you can see what Zodiac sign and Element mean.

People born from 21st of January to 19th of February are called Aquarius and their element is Air. From February 20th to March 20th are Pisces with Water as their element. 21st March to 20th April are the Aries with Fire elements. 21st April till 21st May are called Taurus with Earth as their element.

On the other hand, people born between 22nd of May to 21st of June are called Gemini and have Air as their element. 22nd June to 22nd July are called Cancer with Water as their element. 23rd July to 23rd August are the Leo with Fire as element.

However, individuals born from 24th August to 23rd September are Virgo with Earth element. Those born from 24th September to 23rd October are Libra with Air element. 24th October to 22nd November are the Scorpio and Water element.

People born from 23rd November to 21st December are Sagittarius and Fire element. Finally, individuals born from 22nd December to 20th January are the Capricorn and Earth element.

How Will Your Zodiac Sign And Element Determine Your Life Journey

In the African traditional religion, Zodiac signs are not followed to determine occurrences in peoples lives but what we use here is Element. It is common to hear that an individual is a Water element or Air element instead of Gemini, Capricorn or Cancer.

Having known your element, it is important that you take appropriate corrections on how you have been moving religiously or in your daily activities including your relationship.

Water Element

Your power lies in water. Water is necessary in whatever you do especially while you are praying. Whenever you want to pray, use water as a means of communicating with your god. Always pray with water. If anyone is oppressing you, use water and pray. Speak your intentions into the water and pray with it. After which you use it to clean your face, feet, hands and pour it on a road people are passing through before sunrise. Around 5.00am.

Water elements are the ones urine bath favors most.

Fire Element

Your power while praying lies in fire. A fire element should always pray with candle. Each time you want to pray as a fire element, on a candle and be praying while the candle is on. If after your prayer, the candle remains, allow it to burn till the end. Then, pack the residue and throw to the road during the day time when the sun is up.

[Note: Always be careful whenever you light a candle to avoid fire outbreak. Keep away from flammable substances].

A fire element can also pray with incense. You light the incense while praying. And keep away from flammable substances. After prayer, pack the residue and throw away like the candle process above.

A Fire element can add few charcoals to batching water for cleansing.

Earth Element

Sand is the unique power of every earth element. Always use your right hand to take sand while praying. After saying your intentions, throw the sand away.

Use right hand to pack sand when you are praying, blessing someone or when you are in a happy mood.

But if you are not happy like when someone is oppressing you and you need to talk to your god, use your left hand to pack the sand. After praying, go to a junction and throw it away.

Remember that you need not throw your prayer substances away when people are watching. You need to do it secretly.

Zodiac Signs
Zodiac Sign is the imaginary area in the sky in which the sun, moon and planets appear to lie.

Air Element

These set of people has their powers in Air. Air elements who know their unique power are always a terror whenever they are being oppressed. Once their hands are clean from evil doings, they move mountain with the words of their mouths.

A righteous Air element rarely speak and it will never happen.

Sometime ago in a remote village of Africa, a widow was accused of killing her two neighbors. It happened that her two neighbors have been in the habit of attacking her often. One cool evening, the widow, who is very religious out of annoyance and frustration, cursed the two neighbors. Raising her voice to the hearing of everyone that those two neighbors will become like her.

Within five days, the two neighbors lost their husbands in similar circumstances [accidents] but different times. It took the intervention of a powerful prophet to save the widow from mob action. It was the prophet who told them that the woman must be an Air element who called her creator out tears. And to the surprise of everyone, the woman was born on June 7th. And she cursed the neighbors on an airy evening.

Air elements should pray by simply facing the direction of cold wind and say their intentions. They can pray under a quite tree or inside their houses. they should mutter their prayers as if they are talking to themselves. They can pray with incense, alligator pepper or speaking into the air.

Always ensure that no one hears your prayer. And never curse anyone because of minor disagreement. Unless you are under life threatening oppression from the one. Air elements should be extra careful on what they say to their children.

Element Combination:

Bear in mind that using ashes in prayer is a combination of fire and water. Using sand in water is a combination of earth and water. Adding charcoal to water is a combination of fire and water.

There are people who should be using element combination prayers. For example, somebody that was born in the midnight of 19th April, may likely be a Fire element if he/she was born before 12am. The same person may likely be an earth element if he/she was born exactly by 12am and beyond. Some are not given accurate times by the birth attendants.

Also people that do not know their accurate birth dates and times but only know their month of births should always use combination element prayers.

There is always a mistake when individuals like this are praying based on their elements. It is therefore, necessary for such individuals to apply Combination element prayers to avoid mistakes.

Anyone using combination prayer should speak with his or her creator before starting. Using statements like “Oh my Creator, only you kwon the day you bought me into this world. Accept my prayers for I know not when I come to this world, do not hold me accountable for any error”.

The next article will be on the characteristics of the Zodiac Signs, relationship and differences. It will also talk about why a particular Zodiac sign does things in a particular way.

Example: When intimidated, Aries applies physical stance. Taurus use tone of voice. Gemini use choice of words. Cancer applies incredible emotional capacity. Leo wins by their charisma. Virgo applies knowledge. Libra uses moral compass. Scorpio scares opponents by their stare. Sagittarius uses honesty. Capricorn applies their sense of authority. Aquarius uses self assuredness. Pisces uses dedication.

In the next article, we will learn all these and more about Zodiac sign.

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